The Farmer’s Belly is one of everyone’s favorite food vendors at the festival. They work with the Ossipee team to support the local community & local farms.
Here is a message from Alex + Jaime at the Farmer’s Belly:
From all you string campers to all you festival goers, we wanted to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who spent time with us at The Farmer’s Belly last year.This festival really is a treasure, and it’s a great privilege to be in proximity to it every year. For the first 4 days we fed nearly 100 string campers and staff 3 meals a day, and from Thursday through Sunday another few thousand meals to the festival attendees. We are happy to have been able to do so by supporting as our farming friends as much as possible, and we were able to extend that support thanks to much appreciated help from One Fifty Ate / Southside Bakery, Otherside Delicatessen, Duckfat, Nosh Kitchen Bar, Piccolo, and other friends of ours.

With a portion of our sales, we are psyched to be able to make a sizable donation to a Sacopee Valley Health Center program devoted to making affordable farm raised food for folks living on lower incomes. We love that at the festival, support for good food can mean deeper support for the larger community.

We look forward to seeing you in July and until then, so much love and appreciation to you all.