Family Fun!


The Ossipee Valley Music Festival is Maine’s family friendly music festival!

Ossipee is the one place we go where I feel completely safe letting my kids just wander around. We arrive, and they dissappear, off on their own adventures. The community here makes it that way. – Laurie Carr, festival attendee and volunteer

Part of our mission is to make our festival accessible to familes — to offer a summer experience that exposes kids, and people of all ages to raw live music, community atmosphere, and a hundred reasons to forget that electronic gadgets exist.

Whether you take a yoga class with your teenage daughter, check out the crankie shadow puppet show your five year old created in a Seedlings workshop, participate in the Dog Parade, or listen to your spouse jam on a song they picked up while at String Camp before the festival, there is something here for you.

Here are some things families love:

  • kids 17 and under get in free!
  • tent camping is free!
  • There is first aid on site
  • Night-time security on site
  •  Bathrooms and showers
  • The Ossipee River
  • Delicious and nutritious food & local food
  • The Roots and Sprouts music program
  • The Seedlings Program
  • Cooking on the firepit and bringing your own coolers are allowed!
  • Friendly and helpful festival staff
  • General store that sells everything under the sun from river tubes and fire rings to sunblock and advil
  • Musical workshops
  • Yoga Classes
  • Tons of spontaneous musical jams 24/7
  • For when you want a bit of a break: designated quiet camping areas
  • For when you want a different kind of break: a local craft beer tent with late night acoustic shows!
  • Tons of exposure to real music, and other people who dig real music!
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