Camping on the Festival Grounds

Pre-Festival Camping (Sunday-Wednesday Night): $25/night/site for hookups (RVs), $20/night/site for tents

Festival Camping (Thursday-Saturday Night): $15/night/site for hookups (RVs), $0 for tents

Post Festival Camping (Sunday-Monday Night): $25/night/site for RVs, $20/night/site for tents

**RV dumping is $25/dump

All camping & hookups are on first come, first serve basis. We do not reserve sites. Staff members of our team are allowed to reserve sites, please consider joining our team if you would like this perk!

Medical Hookups: If you need hookups for a medical reason please contact us at ossipeevalleymusicfestival@gmail.com and we will reserve a site for you.

Can I Reserve a site?

No, we do not reserve sites. We sell out of hookups by Thursday evening, we do not sell out of tent sites, but the earlier you arrive the better site you will have.

How many hookup sites do you have?

We only have 200 hookup sites, they are available on a first come first serve basis, unless you need them for medical reasons (CPAP etc). Please contact us at ossipeevalleymusicfestival@gmail.com if this is the case.

I don't want to camp!

That’s OK! We are 45 minutes away in either direction from Portland Maine, and North Conway New Hampshire, which have plenty of hotels. The Midway Motel, The Cornish Inn, and the Cottages at Oak Hill Farm are also a 10 minute or less drive from the grounds, but they sell out very quickly!

Day tickets are available online, or at the gate, and there is ample parking onsite. Please do NOT bring your dog if you are coming for the day, as dogs cannot be in the concert area.

What will the weather be like?

Typically, weather blows off to the coast. Most of the stages however are covered, and there are tons of exciting workshops and performances that you can see under cover! There are also shade tents at the main stage, or you can hang out at the luscious beer tent with our beautiful harvest tables, twinkle lights and 10+ beers, hard ciders and wines available! Or you can bring a jacket! But….the weather is going to be perfect.

Can I park my car at my campsite?

Yes. There are no rules as to how people spread out on the grounds. If you want to create a nice space for your group, get there early. We do regulate how hookup sites are used, since those cost $15/night/site (you cannot take up more than one hookup site).

Are fires and cooking allowed?

Yes. However, all fires must be in a fire ring. You are welcome to bring camp stoves. Please bring your own tables, if you take a picnic table from a public area, we will come take it back! Fire rings are for sale at the General Store on vendor row.

What is your dog policy?

We love dogs, but we highly suggest that you do NOT bring your dog unless you are traveling on the road with the dog already. Most dogs do not enjoy coming to a crowded festival where they are inside the camper or tied at the campsite while you are watching the music (dogs are allowed in the campground only, and not in the seating areas). They will bark, or whine, and we will receive complaints, even though they are good, sweet dogs.

There are several kennels in the area, we suggest that you kennel your dog, or that you leave your dog at home where he or she can relax.

If you do bring your dog, you will be asked to sign an affidavit attesting to the fact that you have read the policy below and that you will comply with it. If we have to ask you to remove your dog, you will not receive a refund.

DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG IF YOU ARE ONLY COMING FOR THE DAY. Dogs are not allowed in the concert area.

The closest kennel is Shadow Birch Kennel,            207-637-2671.

Many of our board members are dog lovers and companions, and we want to continue to allow dogs at the festival. We have amended our policies for 2017, we really want to make the festival work as well as possible for each and every person. Please stay tuned for any updates, as we may be amending our policy further for 2018.


  1. Do not bring your dog if you are not camping. Dogs are not allowed in the concert area.
  2. Dogs are $10.00 per dog, per day!
  3. Absolutely no dogs are allowed in the concert or vending areas at any time.
  4. Dogs must be leashed at all times and are never permitted to roam free while at the festival.
  5. You must clean up after your dog
  6. Dogs must be quiet in the camping areas. No barking. Please make sure your dog has water, and  is comfortable before you leave.
  7. If we receive a single noise complaint about your dog, you will be asked to remove him or her from the festival. If we receive an aggression complaint, you will be asked to remove him or her from the festival. These requests are immediate and non negotiable. You will not receive a refund.
  8. Dogs can be walked, if leashed, around the festival perimeter and in the camping areas. They can come to the swimming hole if they are on a leash.
  9.  All dogs are nice dogs in the right situation. A music festival is not the right situation for 90% of dogs. We really want to keep allowing dogs, but in past years there have been many, many instances of barking and breaking the rules. Please consider not bringing your dog unless they are already completely accustomed to the idea of being tied up at a music festival while you go away and do other things.
  10. We love dogs. We have dogs as companions as well. We understand that many people travel with them on the road, and do not like to leave them at home. As our festival grows, we need to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety, including the dogs’! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this policy, it will be enforced.
Can I bring my musical instrument?

Yes! Ossipee is like being dipped in a vat of music–there are jams all over the place!

Is the Water Drinkable?

Yes, there are many spigots throughout the grounds with town water.

Do you have a dump station?

Yes, it is $25/dump

Is there a grocery store or farmstand nearby?

Yes! Ruby from Pine Root Farm drives around the campgrounds selling blueberries, corn, cucumbers and tomatoes all day.

There is also Merrifield Farm, about 20 minutes West on Route 25, Call’s IGA 5 minutes west on route 25, and the Good Health Grocer, 15 minutes west on Route 25.

Firewood, Ice, ATM, advil?

Yes–these are all available at the General Store on vendor row.

Is the festival kid friendly?

Yes! Kids 17 and under get in free–there are over 250 smartphone free kids here each year. We also offer kids music lessons through our Roots & Sprouts program, free kids activities all day including a Teen Talent Show, and provide first aid and 24 hour security. There is also a river great for tubing just outside the festival grounds with a slow current (swim at your own risk).

Tickets for 2018 will go on sale in December

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