Fémina hails from Patagonia– San Martín de los Andes, Argentina, to be precise. Sisters Clara and Sofia Trucco along their childhood friend, Clara Miglioli, have trained in both music and theatre, which contributes to the high energy and strong facial expressions they bring to performances. Their physicality of their music helps them to communicate the emotion and intention of the songs they sing (en español). Miglioli’s focus is on vocals, whereas Clara Trucco plays the guitar and the ronroco, a Bolivian instrument similar to a mandolin. Her sister Sofia’s specialty is percussion, including the cajon flamenco, a percussion instrument from Peru.

Fémina’s sound incorporates a variety of genres, including rumbacumbiacandombe, and bolero. Their influences range from Argentinian musician Aluis Alberto Spinetta to Erykah Badu.

The name Fémina alludes to the fact that they are an all-female band spreading messages of gender equality. Miglioli explains that Fémina’s mission is about promoting love and equality across culture, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Fémina’s focus on uplifting women is especially strong, as Miglioli explains. “We have to have the same rights. We are the same. We are human beings. It’s different in some cultures, it’s very difficult for a woman to even dress the way she wants or say what she wants, or even work, have a job, or have the same freedom as the rest of the people, you know?”

We are very excited to welcome Fémina on their first US coast to coast tour, and know you will be too!


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