Dance Barn

No dances during 2021 Microfest. Stay tuned for 2022!


Put that damn smartphone away! It’s time to Stomp, Shuffle and GET DOWN!

Toddlers, Grannies, Suit Wearin’ Professionals, Suspender Wearin Hipsters , Wallflowers/Shutins/Polar Explorers UNITE! – You’re all equal on the Ossipee Valley Dancefloor! There is nothing like an Ossipee Valley Dance, under the twinkle lights in the breeze with the tall pine trees and minimal deodorant. This year we have two sole-scorching dances, check out the videos below!
A Note on Noise Control: If you are into sleeping or playing music at your campfire between 11PM- 1AM, it’s best not to camp near the dance barn. HOWEVER, after feedback from our crowd, we have made a *no electric instruments & no full drum kits* rule which keeps the sound isolated to a reasonable perimeter. Our dance bands rely on their spunk and technical prowess to hit the pocket and bring the groove home.

Announcing our 2019 Dance Bands!