Expect Your Tastebuds to Dance for Joy!


The Farmer’s Belly - Locally sourced hand crafted paper plate gourmet!

They do: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Coffee, Tea

At the Farmer’s Belly, healthy delicious farm to table meals are created using 10+ local farms and made from scratch by Jaime & Alex Steed. Everything from breakfast burritos with sriracha, to falafels, organic coffee, and griddled mac & cheese, is made to order and with a smile!

Miso Hungry! Authentic Japanese Cuisine

They do:  Lunch, Dinner, Tea

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.45.27 PM  OK, remember ramen in a styrofoam cup? This ‘aint it! This will make your taste buds do a happy dance! In addition to authentic Japanese ramen from passed down recipes, these folks add Hiyashi Chuka (chilled roasted-sesame ramen salad) Spicy Tuna Onigiri, Edamame, homemade Miso Soup, Menzou Poached egg over extra-fancy Japanese rice, fresh local flame braised pork, and more! Don’t forget to try their Japanese Mugi-cha tea, too! And don’t worry about styrofoam either–all of our bowls and cutlery are 100% compostable, and all the ingredients are sourced from local farms in VT, NH,
​and Quebec.  YEAH!

Cool Beans & Cajun - Coffee Drinks, Smoothies, and authentic jambalaya!

They do: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Drinks, Coffee

This is where you’ll go for all your mocha whip chaga chai wintergrass smoothie lavender ruby lemonade seeking! Coffee roasted to perfection, and drinks galore!

But that’s not all—stop by for some authentic Cajun jambalaya that sizzles and pops and blows smoke out your nostrils!


Kezar Falls Breakfast Shack - Reasonable and delicious breakfasts

They do: Breakfast


For those of you looking for a traditional breakfast, this is the place to go—they’ve got the eggs, those homefries, even grits, pancakes, coffee, you name it – bacon? Oh yes! Mmm hmmm! Support our local fire department and enjoy waking up simultaneously!

Icecream--Farm fresh!

They do: Snacks (dessert)


Handmade ice cream straight from the farm? Nuff said! Ice cream, floats, shakes, whipped cream…banana boat on the Ossipee River? Ohh boy….

Gerties Steak Tip Dinners


They do: Dinner & Drinks 

our favorite local vendor!

hailing not from the city, but from just around the corner in rural Maine, these guys cook up delicious marinated steak tips with sides like mashed potatoes, greens and rice, a hearty, healthy meal for the carnivores out there!


Late Night Munchies Shack

They Do: Evening and LATE NIGHT fast food! fries

The Mason’s food booth has all your cravings covered, and they are the only food booth open late night! Have some local brew in the beer tent, then head over to the dance barn and get down until you can’t dance no more, and then…indulge your craving for some cheesy fries, a good old fashioned bacon burger, or a fresh fish or lobstah roll!

More to come!

Stay tuned for more vendor announcements! lunch2

Food Events

The 18th Annual Chicken BBQ: Saturday July 29th 5PM

DSC_0102This is the best chicken bbq you will ever go to. Say that again! This group of old timers charcoal grills their chicken with a thermometer and a couple of rags to wipe the sweat off their faces as they time the cooking and basting of their chicken so that it is the JUICIEST chicken you have ever tasted.

The dinner includes chicken, beans, coleslaw a drink, ice cream plenty of extra napkins! $12 a ticket.


 The 3rd Annual Farm to Table Brunch: Sunday July 30th, 11AM


The Farmer’s Belly proudly presents the 2nd Annual Farm To Table Brunch featuring a delicious and nutritious smorgasbord of brunch offerings raised within 30 miles. Check out our news article featuring more details. 

The brunch will take place during the final performances of Sunday, and will highlight bluegrass music with a special appearance by  the Rhythm Future Quartet. Buy your tickets at The Farmer’s Belly anytime during the festival—a $20 ticket includes coffee/tea as well as a full plate of regionally sourced belly power! Menu coming soon!




Tuckerman’s, Funkybow, Gneiss, Tumbledown, Bantam Ciders & More at the Beer Tent


Delicious brew on tap made with malted barley from Northern Maine and icy cold White Mountain spring water. Plus other breweries and hard cideries from a 30 mile radius will offer up their handcrafted brew! The beer tent has a fantastic view of the main stage! Don’t forget to check out the after hours acoustic cabaret on Friday and Saturday nights from 11-12AM!


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