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2020 Ticket Buyers

Updated for 2021


Donating Your Ticket

If you do not want to attend any 2021 events, please consider donating your ticket. We are currently fundraising for artist relief and for necessary upgrades to the fairground facilities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Oh no...I forgot what I did with my ticket!!!

You are not alone! Just get in touch at info@ossipeevalley.com

Ticket Credits for 2021 Fest/Camp

If you would like to attend either the 2021 String Camp or Festival, please get in touch below and we will look up your individual ticket and issue you a discount code that can be used to purchase 2021 tickets with your 2020 funds.


If you would like to attend the string camp, please reply as soon as possible to the email sent to you with the pre-sign up form. Signups are filling up VERY fast and we expect to sell out soon. You will pre-sign up using the email, and pay for your ticket at a later date.


If you would like to attend the micro-festival, there is not as much of a rush, we are holding spots for ALL rollover ticket holders until we here from them one way or another. But…it would be nice to hear from you asap so that we can release tickets to others if you are not attending!


Rollover Tickets

If you would like to skip the 2021 micro-fest and camp, and return in 2022, that’s OK! Please fill out the form below. 


Ossipee 2021 Microfest will be here soon!









Fill out 1x per order (not per ticket)

    Your home address for shipping your sticker if you rollover/donate

    We want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting the 2020 festival. We understand that there are many folks who are in a fragile state of being right now, and you are in our thoughts. We created this festival because we believe in the potency of such gatherings–they are the spark in the night, an opportunity for magic, they open doorways that can never be closed. We are committed to rising again, and we so much look forward to seeing you under the tall pines in all the years to come. Stay healthy, secure, and use this opportunity to TUNE YOUR BANJO!!!! 

    Team Ossipee Valley

    2021 Micro-fest Tickets

    Did you rollover your ticket? Please don't worry--you will be contacted individually to receive a 2021 Microfestival Ticket or 2022 Full Festival Ticket. This is a time intensive process for our volunteers.

    Micro-fest July 23rd & 24th

    (w/ overnight camping)

    $ 100
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    Child's pass

    (13 and up)

    Children 12 and under

    Friday Tickets

    Full Day


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    After Dark


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    Saturday Tickets

    Full Day


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    After Dark


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    MicroFest RV Ticket

    Select number of nights - July 18th-24th
    RV campers must purchase this ticket for pre-festival camping and/or two nights of RV camping for Microfestival

    $ 25 /night
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    Micro-fest pre-camp each night

    (Select number of nights - July 18th-22nd)

    $ 20 /night
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    String Camp Ticket

    (July 18th-22nd)

    Did you pre-register for camp? Please check your email for your ticket link. Did you apply for a scholarship? Do not purchase a ticket, you have a place at camp and we will be in touch shortly.

    $ 550
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