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String Camp

Virtual Camp 2020


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The 2020 Virtual String Camp

While we regret that we were not able to come together this year at the festival grounds, we are so thankful to the many donors who have made it possible to pay our instructors a salary to put together a miniature virtual camp. The videos below are from each string camp instructor, each video teaches a different song. Those attendees who donated their string camp ticket are also receiving a special virtual concert from the instructors on Labor Day Weekend. If you rolled over, or donated your ticket, you will also be receiving a special gift in the mail as a thank you!

Hope to see you next summer, and enjoy! Please consider supporting these artists whether through purchasing music, lessons, or signing up for 2021 string camp.

Please visit this page to learn about the instructors, and to visit their websites where you can support their work. Many instructors also have their own Youtube channels which you can click through to from the video you watch. Those with channels have a photo on their video (rather than a letter) in the upper left corner.

Charles Clements and Patrick McGonigle teach the vocals on Angel Band, and basic Bluegrass singing technique.

Joe Walsh teaches Bill Frissel’s Verona on the Mandolin. See accompanying PDF here.

Tatiana Hargreaves teaches Who’s Been Here Since I’ve Been Gone on fiddle.

John Mailander teaches The Old Mountaineer on fiddle

Brittany Karlson teaches The Old Dog Song

Lauren Rioux teaches John Rice on fiddle (& demonstrates on banjo), 5 videos. Please click through to view this video on youtube to see the remainder of the videos and engage with

Stash Wyslouch teaches Bury me Beneath the Willow on guitar, as a way of opening up the neck to new possibilities. See the additional PDF for more information on chords.

Alex Rubin teaches Old Jellico/puddle jumper on guitar. Multiple videos. Please see chord chart below, and listen to individual melody (top) and backup (bottom) lines.

Gabe Hirshfeld teaches Cripple Creek on banjo.

George Clements teaches Red Prairie Dawn on Guitar

Ethan Setiawan teaches The Quail is a Pretty Bird on Mandolin

Allison DeGroot teaches Who’s Been Here Since I’ve Been Gone on Banjo

And last but not least–Steve Roy teaches When I’m Gone. Check out the chords and the lyrics

Steve Roy Performs ‘Sommolier’ at the 2019 string camp instructor performance. We hope to see you there in 2021!