Barn Dances

The barn dances at Ossipee are legendary! Late night after the Main Stage has shut down, and you've still got the groove in your bones, head over to the Ossipee River Barn for some good old fashioned barn dancing! (11pm-1am) 

Neon rope lights pop in the rafters, and there's plenty of space for folks who just want to sway in the back, while the enthusiasts can dig it right up to the stage. One year a pushup contest broke out--we aren't making any promises! 

The barn also has some solid bleachers so those who used to dance, or who just like to watch can sit and participate too (hey it's also just damn good music!)

Time to feel the Sunflower Power and get your groove on! 

Friday at 11pm with A.J. Lee and Blue Summit

Saturday at 11pm with Tricky Britches


A great opportunity for families and friends to connect and share some laughs and fun at a called Barn Dance (line dance) with the effervescently energentic Steve Roy and a group of friends on traditional acoustic instruments. Steve will instruct dancers and have everyone clapping, dancing and smiling. 

Saturday at 2pm w/ Steve Roy and Friends!

Check out our 2023 Dance Bands Below!

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