String Camp Scholarships 

I really enjoy coming to string camp; learning all the new songs, meeting new friends in a musical world, not to mention those edible treasures from the Farmers Belly. I cannot put into words how delicious those meals are! 

Elisie O'Neil Scholarship Recipient, 2021, 2022

At String Camp a whole new world opened up to me that I was unaware of; a wonderful gathering of kind, like-minded people who wanted to get better at what they do. For someone relatively new to songwriting this was pure heaven and the extra spark I needed to keep those creative flames burning..I'm so lucky to be part of this spectrum of young and old musicians pursuing the same goals, and to tap into the knowledge of some very talented performers/instructors.

Carl Beverly - Scholarship Recipient, 2021, 2022

Ossipee Valley String Camp has been one of the highlights of my life! Being around musicians of all different ages and vibes has been transformative. It always pushes me to pick my instrument back up.

Emily Belair - Scholarship Recipient, 2022

     By the numbers...

In 2023, North Atlantic Arts awarded over $12,000 of scholarships, representing 22% of our total camp attendance. 3/4 of those scholarships were full-rides, and all were needs based, representing students from ages 13-70, from four states, with 1/2 of attendees being from rural areas of Maine and New Hampshire.

The North Atlantic Arts Alliance is a 501c3 organization based in rural south-western Maine. The Alliance works with private donors and charitable grant giving organizations to fund a robust scholarship program for all ages to ensure equal access to camp. 

This program provides partial to full scholarships, and can even provide transportation, assistance for special needs students, and provides a youth coordinator at camp (daytime only-overnight must have chaperone), for students who are attending camp as day students from the local area. 

If you or your organization would like to support this program, please get in touch.

                             Apply for a string camp scholarship by emailing

               Please note, scholarships submitted by April 1st are notified by April 30th, scholarships submitted between April 1st and June 1st are notified by June 15th. If there are spots available after June 15th they will be notified within seven days of your application. Paid seats for camp 2023 sold out by March 15th, so we encourage scholarship students to apply as soon as possible, when all seats are sold out, this page will indicate that here: Scholarship seats are full for 2023, we accepted our final applicant on May 30th. We were able to grant scholarships to all applicants this year, so please check your email for your acceptance letter!