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Nothin’ finer than Music Festival Yoga!

2021 will feature yoga during the Microfest


Please note that during Microfest–folks MUST bring their own mat for Covid-19 safety.

Relax! It’s a July Morning in rural Maine. The chickadees are chirping, a breeze rustles the pine boughs, kids are playing tag, fiddles are being tuned, and all you have to worry about is breathing.

The Ossipee Yoga Class is for all levels and ages, with a focus on stretching, balancing, breathing and honing in. Bring a water bottle, and a mat. Get there early as the barn (outdoors) will have limited capacity. The class runs from 9-10am in the Ossipee Barn.

Katie O’Connell, Morning Yoga: Fri-Sat

Katie is a fun-loving yogi known for singing and jamming with her band The Starlight Honeys, her endless love of cooking, gardening, and snuggling with her kitty cat, Puddy, 2 kids, and husband Declan, and of course, practicing YOGA! She can be found doing yoga in the mountain forest, on a rock, on a paddle board, in a river, in snowshoes, on the beach… anywhere, and that includes at  OVMF!! Katie has been practicing yoga for 20 years, teaching yoga since 2003, training yoga teachers since 2011, and has completed over 750 hours of primary and advanced yoga study as a lifelong student of Yoga & meditaton. Katie is also an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and has over 900 hours of study as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Ayurveda Yoga Therapist. She also has numerous certifications in Thai Yoga, Reiki, and is trained in SUP Yoga.  Her greatest teachers of all are her students, her own children, and her husband and partner in everything, Declan, aka Dhadood with whom she leads Yoga Retreats to India, Central America, and beyond!

Mindy Pistacchio–Kids Yoga

***Not happening during Microfestival 2021.

Mindy is a 500 hour E-RYT certified yoga teacher with over 750 hours of training.  She has taught children’s classes for seven years everywhere from apple farms to Caribbean islands, in schools and at birthday parties.  The 9 am class is for little ones ages 4 – 7.  The second class begins at 9:35am and will run until 10:15 am, for children ages 8 and up.  Each class incorporates imagination, games, movement and mindfulness.