Join The Family!

Do you have an interest in music and the arts, or event planning? Do you enjoy outdoor and physical labor such as carpentry, trail work, and getting dirt (or maybe grease??) on your hands? What about learning the ins and outs of what it takes to have a party for 5,000 people through crunching numbers, writing programs, stuffing envelopes and directing volunteers? What about discovering how to articulate and carry out a vision? 

The management team behind OVMF is offering two apprenticeship programs.

Short Term Stay: This apprenticeship is perfect for anyone who wants a little experience of what the behind the scenes is like at a music festival, and is perfect for ages 18 and over. Three weeks of work, meals and lodging, plus credit for college coursework or volunteer hours needed. Activities will include festival setup, cleanup, and managing various stations during the event, with time to enjoy the music as well! 

Long Term Stay (May-October, just under 6 months): which includes housing, an organic CSA covering most of your meals, and a stipend, plus opportunities for tipped bartending during events. This is an intense but rewarding opportunity which involves a lot of physical labor, and educational experience in carpentry, woods and trail work, event planning and management, nonprofit organization, financial management, human resources, marketing, and more! This apprenticeship hires two workers ages of 21+, or 18+ minimum if you are not attending college (as it extends into Sept/Oct). We are welcoming to LGBTQ folks, and have a strong history of teaching women skills in the trades. Because this is an educational program you do not have to have previous experience in carpentry, forestry, or event planning, though being physically fit (able to be on feet all day, able to lift 50 lbs, able to dig a hole, etc), and engaged in outdoor activities and team effort is a must. If you are interested in applying, please reach out to us at our email address with a short email explaining your interest in our position: 


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