The Ossipee Valley Music Festival and the Ossipee Valley String Camp are both presented by our 501c3 nonprofit, the North Atlantic Arts Alliance, based in Hiram, Maine. 

The Alliance is invested in the long term vitality of rural Maine, and sees access to arts programming and education, especially music, as a keystone to community building. 

The below initiatives are the current projects that North Atlantic Arts Alliance is focusing on. The Alliance works with foundations, private donors, and business sponsors. Use the contact form below for more information. 

The Roots and Sprouts Program

During the Ossipee Valley Music Festival, the Roots and Sprouts Program is a free 3 day camp for ages 7-12. The camp hosts all levels, but is especially good for beginner or shy students who are curious about music. The program provides loner instruments to those who don't have one yet, and the students perform at the very end of the festival. 

The North Atlantic Arts Alliance is currently accepting donations of working, tuneable instruments such as fiddles, guitars, and ukeleles, as well as 1/4 or 1/2 size bass. 

Scholarships to the Ossipee Valley String Camp Program 

The Ossipee Valley String Camp is a multigenerational community gathering for musicians and students that takes place the week before the Ossipee Valley Music Festival. 

Spots are limited to 100 students to keep the intimate and approachable feeling of the camp intact, and 25% of those seats are held for scholarship students of all ages on a needs basis. 

The North Atlantic Arts Alliance funds these scholarship seats through a combination of private benefactors and grants. If you would like to pledge to support the ongoing scholarship fund please contact us below.

The Alliance is currently working on improving outreach and expanding year round educational opportunities for students who may need additional resources in order to attend camp. 

Farm to Table Food & Sustainability 

The North Atlantic Arts Alliance provides funding to purchase a majority of ingredients for Ossipee Valley String Camp meals from local farms. Additionally food vendors at the Ossipee Valley Music Festival are encouraged to use local ingredients and the Alliance continues to work to make this process seamless. 

The Alliance is currently engaged in writing a five year strategic plan, and concerns and action steps regarding sustainability of its events in the face of climate change is a key focus of any future planning. Stay tuned! 

 Accessibility to the arts for all

The Ossipee Valley Music Festival sells out each year, so ensuring equitable access to the incredible workshops, performances, and community that it provides is very important to the Alliance. Through its business partnership program, it is able to provide free and discounted tickets to key groups: 

        -Free tickets for ages 17 and under 

        -Free overnight tent camping included with all tickets 

        -Deeply discounted tickets for rural local attendees  ($5/Sunday tickets and $20 off any ticket at the gate). 

        -Showcase stage for regional musicians which includes festival passes for performers. 

Other projects 

Stay tuned for the publication of the North Atlantic Arts Alliance new website, which will provide updates about new projects in the works including our five year strategic plan. 

We have some exciting new projects coming down the line and we can't wait to share them with you! 

Get In Touch...

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