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Become a Vendor at the 2022 Ossipee Valley Music Festival!

The Ossipee Valley Music Festival would like to invite you to join our team as a vendor!

Please fill out the contact form below, and if we have a spot for you we will send you our vendor application.

Craft Vendors: We accept all applications for any kind of craft or service. We prefer that your goods are locally sourced and handmade. We are happy to do exchanges with nonprofits, and happy to include “different” kinds of vendors, we are open to anything!

Food Vendors: Unless a food vendor backs out, we are full for food vendors except for small specialty items (no breakfast/lunch/dinner). Thank you!

Business Vendors: We only allow businesses to have a spot if they are sponsors of the festival. Sponsors give us advertising, donations, or products. They are vetted by the festival. Please let us know if you are interested in participating!

Beer Tent Vendors: We accept cross promotional sponsorships for our local beer & hard cider tent. Vendors donate two kegs, and we purchase two additional kegs, we advertise for you on our website and program, and from the stage. Please do NOT fill out the vendor form if you are interested in this position. Email us at

Craft & Business vendors in the past have included:

    • handmade jewelry, scarves and clothing
    • pet psychic
    • massages
    • sunhats
    • handmade walking canes
    • hot tubs (yep!)
    • Maine Green Power
    • WMPG Community Radio
    • leather goods
    • unique musical instruments
    • Friendly River guitars
    • Flop Eared Muse records, CDs and musical books
    • RV mats
    • One Longfellow Square

Apply to be a Vendor in 2022