Stage Too !


What is Stage Too?

Stage TOO! is our groovy second stage, which features a showcase for up and coming regional performers to strut their stuff, and get a chance to play in front of a large and welcoming audience. The stage also always features a few key performances by national headliners from the Maine stage. The stage has an excellent shade tent, nestled in a grove of tall pines, so it’s a great place to come chill during the heat of the mid-afternoon at Ossipee! You never know what you’ll find on Stage Too! And don’t forget to check out the special STAGE TOO MIDNIGHT! performances!

Stage Too FRIDAY

11:00  Hot Coat Allstars

12:00  Izzy Heltai

1:00 Ruta Beggars

2:00    Old Eleven

3:00 Carleans

4:00 Starlight Honeys

5:00 Lonely Heart Strings Band


9:30 Beatles for Breakfast

11:00 Green Onions

12:00 Snug House

1:00 Molly Brule´

2:00 Mamma’s Marmalade

3:00   Magic 8 Ball

4:00  Bolt Hill Band

5:00       Upstate Rubdown

Molly Brulé

Mama’s Marmalade

Starlight Honeys


The Rutabeggars

Magic 8 Ball

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