Join the Ossipee Valley Family!


Waitlist means that you should purchase a ticket. If we have a space open up during the event, we will call you and you will be able to get a refund for the shifts worked. 

General Description:  

Do you have a volunteering spirit? Have you always loved the festival, and want to get to know the community more? Are you looking for a FREE ticket?? 

Join the CREW!

Our 60+ person volunteer army is the backbone of the festival. We have jobs for all skill-sets and ages 18+

Visit the FAQ dropdown below for more information and description of jobs. 

What are Volunteer Requirements?

  • Volunteers must be 18 or older
  • Volunteers must be friendly!
  • Volunteers should indicate their availability on their application, and must be able to perform tasks as required during their available window. We kindly ask that you let us know PRIOR TO 30 days of the event if your availability changes.
  • Volunteers must be able to work under the supervision of the Shift Leader (Staff).
  • Volunteers must be able to work 12 hours (four day pass) over four days. In limited specific circumstances you may be able to work 4 hours for a 1 day pass, or fewer hours working a  "less desireable" shift (i.e. during headliner shows) at the Coordinators' discretion.

What do you receive?

Volunteers receive a free ticket to the festival and a voucher to use towards any item on our merch table (t-shirts, hats, etc). Plus-lots of gratitude and love! 

We have a volunteer center located in the Hawley Building with shift check-in stations, drinks and snacks, and coffee in the morning.

What types of jobs are available?

  • Recycling & Trash: This is a well-loved and down and dirty position. We are looking for slingers who can lift heavy 50 gallon bags of trash and recycling, do not mind getting a bit smelly, and care about recycling and sustainability. Our team sorts trash and recycling, and is always looking for folks who can get up early (5am), though this is not a requirement, or who can stay and help with the big cleanup Sunday-Tuesday after the festival. Recycling and trash starts early in the week for String Camp, so pre-post volunteers can also be helping out with this job. 
  • Pre and Post Festival:  This position requires being available either the week before, week of (Sun-Wed), or week after the festival. We will determine which days you are available and give you assignments (you do not have to be available all days). We especially appreciate folks who have carpentry experience, a truck, their own tool sets, and can lift 50lbs with no concern. 
  • Front Gate This position requires you to be on your feet during your whole shift, you will also receive training from the shift supervisor and be required to be responsible handling cash. Front gate members are most often people who have attended the festival before and have some familiarity with the event. 
  • Volunteer Gate Volunteer Gate workers manage the check in for volunteers, vendors, band members, guests and members of the press. This is a sitting job, but one which requires learning policies and managing paperwork, answering many questions. Most often run by someone who has attended the festival before.  
  • Bathrooms This job does not include cleaning the restrooms. However you will be responsible for restocking soap, toilet paper, paper towels, emptying trash, and reporting any necessary cleanup to staff. 
  • Merch This job can be a sitting or standing position, and you are within view of the Main Stage! You will work under the shift supervisior to organize, pack and unpack, and display artist and festival merch. It does not include handling money unless you have worked at the event several times and have graduated to Shift Supervisor. 
  • Security This position requires being on your feet-we have professional staff on hand to solve any security issues, we ask volunteers to roam the grounds and observe, enforcing rules such as keeping bikes out of the concert area, and reporting any significant issues to our security team (attendee without wristband, car stuck in mud, etc). 
  • First Aid Assist this person will assist trained staff at the first aid booth. They will help with tasks such as giving water and AC to overheated people, providing bandaids or basic medicine like Tylenol, and will be on site to call for the trained staff or EMT in the case of an emergency.

Do I get to pick my job?

Please indicate which jobs you are most interested in on your application (below). We cannot guarantee shift assignments or times, but we will try! Applying early gives you a better chance of getting the shifts you want, as they are assigned on a rolling basis. 


Can I volunteer just for a day?

Because of the large amount of festival volunteers, we are not as likely to give away one day spots unless you are willing to work an evening shift (during headliners shows). However, these are granted at the Volunteer Coordinator's discretion and so if you can only come for one day, please let us know!  You can volunteer for 4 hours for a 1-day pass. Please indicate which day you are coming. We are less likely to be able to give shift time preference for a 1-day pass.


Where is the most help needed?

We are especially in need of: 

  • Folks with carpentry experience to help with setup and breakdown.
  • Help with break-down in general--it takes us a full week after the festival to clean up!
  • Volunteers that can receive training the week before the event to work at more complicated positions such as Shift Supervisor, the Front Gate, Volunteer Gate, and Merch Tent.

Are camping costs included?

  • General festival camping costs include: pre and post festival camping (both tents and RVs), and hookup fees (RVs) during the event. Tent camping is free during the event. 
  • RV hookup fees (both pre-fest and during fest) are not included in volunteer tickets, you will pay for these at the gate. 
  • Pre/post festival camping fees for tenting campers are included ONLY for pre/post festival volunteers. If you arrive early and you are not part of the pre-fest crew, you will need to pay the extra pre-camping fee.

Can I volunteer during string camp, or discount my camp ticket by volunteering at the fest?

String campers are pretty busy during camp, so we do not suggest volunteering during the pre-festival week if you are attending camp (these things overlap). 

However--you are more than welcome to receive a discount of $150 on your string camp ticket by volunteering during the festival! You may also apply for a needs-based scholarship to camp if needed.


I want to pour beer!

Yeah, it's fun! Our bartenders are pretty great. Bartenders must have previous serving experience, experience using Square POS, must be TIPS certified, and have work references for being responsible handling cash. If this is you, let us know! Shifts are very limited as this is a popular position. Bartenders earn tips in addition to their volunteer ticket. 


I can't volunteer, but I want to be involved in other ways

Great! We are currently looking for regional and local community members to join our non-profit board. You can read more about the North Atlantic Arts Alliance here. Please get in touch by emailing info@ossipeevalley.com


Waitlist submissions for 2024 below

**if you applied prior to June 22nd, please expect us to be in touch with you assigning shifts. We are giving priority to 4-day attendees, those who can only volunteer one day are less likely to get their shift time or position of choice. Please do not email asking when you will be assigned your shifts, we will be getting in touch with you PRIOR to July 5th. 

Ossipeevalleyvolunteercrew@gmail.com is the direct contact to expect an email from, or a call from a 207 or 914 phone number. 

    Volunteer Application


    • Yes Recycling

    • Yes Getting the Word Out

    • Yes Setup and Breakdown

    • Yes Front Gate

    • Yes Volunteer Gate

    • Yes Bathroom Restock

    • Yes Merch Sales

    • Yes Security

    • Yes First Aid Support

    I am at least 18

    I have read guidelines

    I want a weekend passOne day pass is fine

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