Beer Tent!


The Ossipee Valley Libation Tent!

featuring the Brews and Bluegrass Stage, presented by Allagash Brewery 

The Ossipee Valley Brews & Bluegrass Tent is awesome! They have so many types, plus the staff is knowledgeable. But the sour cherry hard cider was awesome too…I’m not really a dancer so the best way to wind down the night is to come hear the beer tent bluegrass jam at midnight.


Favorite Fest Beer-Tuckerman's Headwall

Don’t miss the Brews and Bluegrass Stage, presented by Allagash Brewery!

Three nights of late night headliner jams (11pm+), 8 taps of local beer, wine, cocktails, friends, twinkle lights and sunflowers, in the tent under the stars! The Brews and Bluegrass Stage is a unique experience within the festival because it features multiple artists sitting in and jamming with one another, rather than performing their set lists, with the stage only feet away from your picnic table. This year the festivities will be presented  by Allagash Brewery, and our partner The Knack Factory will be there to capture all the fun with their filmography team.


What could be better than sampling a cold pour  (or sharing a pitcher with friends!) of local craft beer or hard cider, deep into the lustrous Maine summer night, under the twinkle lights, watching incredible acoustic musicians break-it-down!

This is NOT your average beer tent (AKA beer corral!): Ossipee’s Brews & Bluegrass Tent is a scene! It’s the place to BE seen! We offer over twelve types of local beer, hard cider, wine, and mead along our handcrafted bar, and in 2019 we will be offering a special popup bar presented by Allagash Brewery. Celebrate with friends while enjoying a great view of the Main Stage during the day, or meet someone new at our beautiful harvest slab tables, or funky ‘old door’ picnic booths! Sunflowers, twinkle lights and a fantastic view of the Maine Stage complete the picture.

The Brews and Bluegrass Stage, presented by Allagash Brewery, is a very special stage featuring completely unique performances by headlining artists, these are performances you don’t want to miss!

All pours available in pitchers as well as 12oz (beer and hard cider) or 6oz (wine). 

Brews and Bluegrass Stage Performer Schedule:

Thank you to our sponsors at Allagash Brewery for our 2019 stage lineup!

THURSDAY July 25th: 

String Camp Instructor Jam: members of Mile Twelve, Carolyn Kendrick, Lauren Rioux, Miss Tess, Thomas Bryan Eaton, Steve Roy, and special guests!


The Rainbow Girls

Danny Barnes, Grant Gordy, Joe Walsh

Special Guests

SATURDAY July 27th: 

The Gibson Brothers (Bluegrass Show)

Twisted Pine

Special Guests

Thank you Sponsors!

To make the beer tent a success we rely on the generosity of our festival Brew sponsors! Check out the story behind each of these incredible Maine companies below…and, hey, while you’re at it, don’t forget to visit them on your way out of town!

Allagash Brewery–Sponsor of the Brews & Bluegrass Stage

In 1995, Tod opened a brewery in the corner of a warehouse in an industrial park, and began creating his first beer, a Belgian inspired ‘Allagash White’. A few years later a symbiotic partnership was formed with a vermont Brewer Jason Perkins who would help expand the brewery beyond just one Belgian wheat beer. In 2017 Tod made the pledge that Allagash would use one million pounds of Maine grain by 2021, and this year he won a James Beard Award for an outstanding beer professional. In between those moments there is a rich history of partnerships with entrepreneurs, Maine farmers and other brewers, as well as with employees who can submit new ideas for beers to the test. Allagash is a company that is geared towards engaging with the land and community around them, and has a wide range of charitable action plans. We are so excited to welcome Allagash as a partner for the 2019 Brews and Bluegrass stage.

Cellardoor Winery–Our official Maine wine partner

As the story goes, a hobo, a traveler looking for work nearly 100 years ago, visited Cellardoor’s farm in Lincolnville. He was welcomed. He felt safe. Upon his departure, he carved in the barn door a “hobo symbol” to let fellow travelers know they would find hospitality here. All these years later, Cellardoor has proudly embraced this story and the spirit of welcome meant to be offered to guests. They invite you to the Cellardoor properties with open hearts, generosity, and camaraderie. Visit them in both Lincolnville Maine for tours, farm dinners and events, and at Thompson’s Point in Portland Maine at their tasting room.

Tuckerman’s Brewing Company

Beer brewed with the fresh icy water of the White Mountains! Tuckerman’s name is inspired by the famous ravine on Mount Washington, which is right in their backyard! Tuckerman’s also has a monthly musical bash of their own up at their Conway tasting room!

Bantam Cider was born from a proud family tradition of  winemaking and a desire to be part of a creative process
rooted in the local community. They believe that  cider making is more art than science, the process requiring
patience over expediency. Bantam strives to be modern, our approach forward looking. They don’t believe cider must fit neatly into one standard style.  Instead they want to push the creative process and elevate cider as the versatile, complex and interesting choice it deserves to be. We are proud to be offering their sour cherry & peppercorn hard cider as well as their newbie unfiltered flavor BUZZWIG! at the festival this year!

Gneiss Brewery

Pronounced “Nice” (time to review your rock classifications y’all!) Gneiss is a farmstead brewery based in Limerick (close to the festival!) that offers tastings onsite of its meticulously crafted beers. The folks at Gneiss blend the traditions of german-style brewing with modern twists and tweaks that make for truly unique and flavor rich beers. They also grow their own hops at a local orchard.

Funky bow Brewery & Farm!

Funky bow is a delightful farmstead brewery in Lyman Maine, which is set on an organic farm and events center. Check out their increasingly popular Growler Nights with live music, and consider hosting your wedding on their farm! Their G-String beer is named in honor of the low string on the fiddle, as they are big fans of the bluegrass community in Maine!

Downeast Cider

The founders of Downeast Cider grew up tasting apples from the family orchard in Maine. When they decided to branch out on their own, they decided to show people how great authentic cider tastes–they are fully committed to using only fresh-pressed juices and pure, natural ingredients in their unfiltered cider. When it comes to flavor, there’s no substitute for the best, and that’s what they stand by: simple, honest, authentic. You can find Downeast cider for sale in many stores all across Maine.

Geary’s Brewing Company

Geary’s is Maine’s first microbrewery. The D.L. Geary Brewing Company was founded in October 1983 by David and Karen Geary. They shared the vision of producing world class products on a small scale for local and regional consumption. At that time, there were only 13 so-called microbreweries in the United States. With the help of Peter Maxwell Stuart, a Scottish nobleman and brewer who arranged introductions and itineraries, he worked in a half-dozen small commercial breweries from the highlands of Scotland to the south coast of England. During that time, the size and design of the brewery began to take shape; and most importantly, the recipe for Geary’s Pale Ale was created using classic elements from some of Britain’s best breweries. They will be offering up some of their traditional favorite summer Ales as well as Gluten Free beer!