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Beer Tent!

Full beer tent experience returns in 2022. Modified beer tent for 2021 micro-fest!


Join us for a drink and some tunes at The Brews and Bluegrass Tent!

The Brews and Bluegrass Tent is where you’ll want to come for a drink, a spot in the shade away from the afternoon sun, but most importantly, where you’ll find great music… even after the schedule for the day ends! Come see some of your favorite musicians play after hours while enjoying some local beer, cider, and more! Check out some of our featured bands below!

A huge thank you to our sponsors for their donations- we couldn’t make the magic happen without you! All of our proceeds go to our non-profit, which helps fund our music education programs, scholarships for our week-long string camp, as well as other ways of spreading musical opportunities to our community in Western Maine.


Meet Corner House- made up of songwriter and guitarist Ethan Hawkins, Scottish fiddle player Louise Bichan, cellist Casey Murray, and bluegrass mandolinist Ethan Setiawan, Corner House are students of a wide variety of musical traditions. Featuring sounds of bluegrass, Celtic tradition, and even rock with songs riddled with poetic lyrics, you won’t want to miss them!

Introducing Twisted Pine- featuring Dan Bui on mandolin, Chris Sartori on upright bass, Kathleen Parks on fiddle, and Anh Phung on flute. Although rooted in bluegrass, their sound could be considered ‘neo-folk indie soul avant jazz jam grass-icana’… but however you want to describe their catchy licks, they’re sure to make you want to get up and dance.

The Clements Brothers are George and Charles Clements, identical twins from New England. With roots, rock, bluegrass, jazz, and classical influences, George (on guitar) and Charles (on bass) aim to capture their singer-songwriter sensibilities in a unique blended voice, at once enthralling and intimate, groovy and serene.  The core of the Clements Brothers is the fusion of their unique musical journeys into a music all its own, filled with vocal harmonies, instrumental virtuosity, and a genuine love of song.

Brought together by their passion for bluegrass, The Ruta Beggars are Micah Nicol (guitar), Sofia Chiarandini (fiddle), Ariel Wyner (mandolin), Trevin Nelson (banjo), and Noah Harrington (bass), the Ruta Beggars infuse traditional bluegrass and early swing to create a timeless act filled with intricate vocal harmonies, fiery instrumentals, and plenty of fun. They have been praised for their creative yet tasteful arrangements and charming performances, winning Thomas Point’s band competition in 2019.

Damn Tall Buildings radiates the energy of a ragtag crew of bluegrass students playing music on the street, but that energy is anchored by their instrumental chops! With Avery Ballota on violin, Max Capistran on guitar and banjo, Sasha Dubyk on upright bass, and all three on vocals, the members of Damn Tall Buildings blends elements of bluegrass, blues, roots-rock, and vintage swing to create a captivating, high-energy sound.