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About The Bagboys

An Ossipee tradition since 1999, The Bagboys play bluegrass, western swing, classics from the Great American Songbook, original numbers, and even an occasional samba. Many fine musicians have joined the band over their almost three decades together, both as permanent members and guests, including luminaries such as Andy Hall and Chris Pandolfi (Infamous Stringdusters), Nicky Sanders (Steep Canyon Rangers), and Paul Burch.

The Bagboys are currently a quartet, featuring veteran members Gretchen Bowder, Frank Drake, Harvey Bag, and newcomer Brian Prindle.

“Sister” Gretchen, affectionately known by the oxymoron “the Darling of the 5-string Banjo,” belts out bluegrass classics and croons jazz standards with a velvety tone. Her banjo playing has been called sparkling and inventive.

Mandolinist Frank Drake, the only true southerner of the band, hails from Long Island, NY. A prolific composer of fine original songs, Frank provides the percussive drive that propels the band on the knee-slappers and weaves melodic solos on the toe-tappers.

Plucking the bass and taking cues from heroes like Bob Wills and Paul McCartney, Harvey Bag composes and sings his very own brand-new old-time songs, completing the Bagboys’ original repertoire.

The newest Bag, John Ross, is a machine on the guitar and anything else he can get his fingers on.  He has the impeccable timing of a Swiss watch and delivers solos so blistering they burn down the barn.

The Bagboys mix good humor, healthy self-deprecation, fun, and exceptional musicianship into every piece. Passionate for good music in every genre, they can be found pickin’, hummin’, stompin’, kazooin’, and ukulelin’ with friends all over the campgrounds.